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1.   I am a non-swimmer; can you teach me how to swim in the ocean? We can teach anyone how to swim in open water provided they will put their trust in us and listen to what we have to say.

2.   Why is the Masters of the Sea program different? Our instructors have years of experience teaching students how to swim in the open water. The Masters of the Sea instructors do not stand on the beach and watch the swimmer. Rather, they are in the water with the student for the entire lesson.

3.  Do you offer swim training during the summer months? The Masters of the Sea program is available year round. We will gladly instruct during the fall and winter months. In fact, this is a great time of the year to gain on the competition so we encourage it.

4.   What is the water temperature? In Orange County, the water ranges from 55-60 in the winter and up to 70 degrees in the summer.

5.   I get cold easily; can my body adjust to the temperature? Absolutely! Anyone can learn to acclimate to colder temperatures through practice and conditioning.

6.   What ages do you teach? We will teach anyone between 5 and 90 years of age.

7.   Where is the training provided? Any beach in Orange County which has public access

8.   Do you provide swimming partners? Yes, we provide swim buddies for those who just want someone to pace them while swimming anywhere from a few yards to several miles.

9.   Do you offer semi-private lessons? Yes, provided that the two swimmers are reasonably close in swimming ability.

10. Will you teach groups of more than 2 people? We will not allow an instructor to teach more than two beginning swimmers during a lesson. If there is a group of 4 beginning swimmers, we will provide two instructors. We do make exceptions for advanced swimmers and swim teams.

11. Is it dangerous to swim in the ocean? No, swimming in the ocean is very safe.  However, every student needs to understand that there are always risks such as sharks, jelly fish, rays, currents, wind, boats with props, hypothermia and sunburn. While these risks are small, swimmers will be taught to exercise good judgment.

12. Can I swim with a wetsuit? Yes. Of course, we will explain the advantages to you of swimming/training without a wetsuit, but it is your choice.

13. Do you train during or after inclement weather? We generally wait 24 hours after a storm has passed before entering in the water. However, our instructors know the Southern California beaches well and select the spots which are least impacted by storm runoff.

14. Do you have a referral program? Yes, The Masters of the Seas offers a 20% discount on a package of lessons for every swimmer referred who signs up for a package of equal size lessons.

15. Are you insured? Yes, we are fully insured.