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Increase speed. Build confidence. Improve technique.

Swimming in the ocean, rivers or lakes is far different than the pool. It can be intimidating to those who have little experience and sometimes daunting even to those who regularly swim in the open water.  In contrast to the confines of a flat and warm swimming pool, the open water can be a dark, cold, choppy, mysterious place.

Master of the Seas offers private and semi-private instruction for all levels of triathletes, open water and marathon swimmers. “Master of the Seas” helps people of all abilities build a relationship with the water and learn to swim like a fish. Our lessons are designed specifically for each individual.

The “Master of the Seas” program is unique in that our coaches are in the water with each swimmer and will gladly “buddy swim” from just a few hundred yards all the way to several miles. We can also kayak or paddleboard next to you. “Master of the Seas” has helped hundreds of people become seaworthy and comfortable in the ocean. Many of our former clients have gone on to complete Ironman competitions, triathlons, open water races or leisurely swim in the ocean.

Master of the Seas offers…

•    Professional coaching by experienced marathon swimmers
•    Training partners
•    Breathing and stroke development
•    Sighting and directional techniques
•    Drafting and pacing methods
•    Proper water entry and exit techniques
•    Introduction to equipment
•    Night swimming with glow sticks
•    Cold water acclimation
•    Physical and mental preparation
•    Feeding techniques
•    Big surf navigation
•    Safety training
•    Instructors who are in the water with each swimmer at every workout

Master of the Seas provides personalized open water training under the supervision of highly experienced and knowledgeable coaches. Master of the Seas will make you a confident, faster, stronger and smarter triathlete or open water swimmer.

Clients, who master the “Master of the Seas” open water program, discover the beauty, romance and challenge of swimming with nature.

Make swimming your strength!