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Ocean Swim Training and Techniques for Triathletes and Open Water Swimmers!

Master of the Seas desires to provide the highest quality of open water swimming instruction. Our program is designed to give individuals the confidence and skills necessary for enjoyment and top performance in open water events.

Fiona Goh<br>13 years old

Fiona Goh
13 years old

Fiona says – “I am a competitive age group swimmer who had never swum in the ocean. Master of the Seas taught me how to be a fast and safe open water swimmer. I was initially nervous, but the instructors swam with me stroke for stroke providing advice and helping me build my confidence and speed.”

Joel Rosentsweig<br>82 years old

Joel Rosentsweig
82 years old

Joel says – “Five years ago, I started swimming in a pool to stay in shape. I enjoyed it so much that my daughter suggested I learn to swim in the ocean. I immediately contacted Master of the Seas who designed a program for me. I appreciate that the instructors swam at my pace while I became proficient in the open water.”